Barry Carter
Victoria, B.C. Canada

The Workshops

Victoria Clocks is comprised of three intentionally separated workshops.

The first workshop is where the messy jobs like rough-cutting wheels and gears are done.

The second workshop is dedicated to polishing and cleaning parts.

The third workshop looks like a scientist’s laboratory. It is fully equipped for manufacturing both clock and watch parts with modern computer-numeric control (CNC) machinery, computer-aided design system, and an electrical discharge machining (EDM ) centre. Barry designed and built the CNC and EDM with the assistance of Dr. Norman Moody, a distinguished British physicist. The CNC features high quality positioning tables imported from Germany and permits components to be micro-machined to within ½ a micron. Lathes, timing machines, milling machines, pivoting machines and other precision instruments are among the other tools used to repair and restore clocks and watches. The third workshop, where final assembly is done, is separated from the other two to keep dust from getting into finished repairs.