Barry Carter
Victoria, B.C. Canada

Watch Restorations

Barry spent most of the early years of his career repairing and restoring wrist and pocket watches. He works on high grade watches for customers as far away as New York and Japan.

While restoring watches, Barry learned how to work to conservation quality standards. Preserving the originality of historical timepieces means honouring conservation rules. They require that all repair work done must be reversible.

As you can see from the photographs below, many old watches are like works of art. That these watches work is testimony to the skills of yesteryear’s craftsmen. Ornate scrolling sawn onto top-plates is as artistic as paintings displayed in the world’s great art museums.

Conservation quality workmanship is required to preserve the originality, beauty and craftsmanship found in historical clocks and watches. It is this attention to detail that Barry brings to watch restorations.